The current of power bank
The current of power bank
| 2020-1-20 18:00:29

The current of power bank

Today, we will introduce a relatively jerky term: power current. Although jerky, we will try to be more understandable, so that the users can have a clear concept of the term.

Consumers who often visit mobile power related forums and posts will definitely be exposed to many different brands of different models of mobile power evaluation reports. A very important part of these evaluation reports is the evaluation of the mobile power output process. An important part of the evaluation of the output process is to obtain the current and voltage change curves during the output of the mobile power supply. This is usually obtained by means of special instrument records. The author of this article concludes that he will judge the quality of mobile power based on this graph. Consumers will use these evaluation reports to purchase high-quality and low-cost mobile power products.

Current articles:

Mobile power has two different terms about current, which are input current and output current. The input current refers to the value of the charging current during the charging process of the mobile power source. This has a lot to do with the charging plug provided by the mobile power supply. The larger the input current, the shorter the charging time of the mobile power supply, the more time saved. Of course, this value cannot be infinitely large, too large will burn the plug or mobile power. Generally, this number has a limit value. This limit value is determined by the charging plug of the mobile power supply.

The output current refers to the magnitude of the current during the charging process of the mobile device by the power supply. The magnitude and fluctuation of this value and the magnitude and fluctuation of the output voltage show the performance of a mobile power supply intuitively.

The output current of mobile power on the market now has two marked sizes. One is 1A, which is used to charge most mobile phones; the other is 2A, which is used to charge tablet computers. Because of design errors and line losses, the output voltage during real use is not fixed, large or small. A qualified mobile power supply needs to control the fluctuation of the current in the range of ± 5%. At the same time, during the entire output process, the change in current magnitude should be gentle, and there should be no drastic jumps. If a mobile power supply cannot meet any of the above two conditions, this can only indicate that the quality of this mobile power supply is unqualified. Now many smart brand mobile phones have built-in charging protection function. If the quality of the mobile power is not qualified, it is very likely that the mobile power cannot charge the mobile phone.
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