Mobile power latest national standard
Mobile power latest national standard
| 2020-7-18 19:27:04

Nowadays, mobile power is becoming the "standard configuration" for people to go out, but in recent years, the quality of mobile power is not enough to cause frequent security incidents. In May 2014, a power bank carried by a passenger on the Shenzhen Metro exploded. In July 2014, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine conducted random inspections of 32 batches of power banks on the market and found that all 32 batches of products have quality and safety risks. In July 2014, Beijing Subway Line 15 was forced to take measures to empty the train due to smoke from the passenger charging bank.
For this reason, this year, the first national mandatory standard for mobile power in China promulgated by the National Standards Committee

GB31241-2014 "Safety Requirements for Lithium Ion Batteries and Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Products" has been officially issued and will be officially implemented today (August 1).

It is understood that the mandatory standard puts forward detailed standards and requirements for product performance in terms of temperature, vibration, overvoltage charging, short circuit and other aspects. That is to say, in the future, any black-hearted manufacturer who dares not follow the standard is illegal production. Consumers can raise questions and complaints, and law enforcement officers can also punish. Some counterfeit products and substandard brands will be shuffled out. The so-called "portable electronic products" in the KO! Standard include laptops, mobile phones, walkie-talkies, and cameras. Wait. In other words, lithium batteries in portable electronic products that consumers often use in their lives, without exception, must faithfully implement this standard, and power banks are among them.

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