When traveling, the power bank is also
When traveling, the power bank is also "fear of heights"?
| 2020-7-24 19:19:04

1.The power bank is now a device that we can't live without. But why are we always being told repeatedly when flying on a plane: Power banks should be carried carefully and cannot be checked in?

2.That's because the inside of the power bank is mainly composed of lithium batteries. Lithium ranks third in the periodic table of chemical elements. It is the most active metal among the known elements. Therefore, its nature is unstable. It is not only easy to burn in oxygen, but also burns in water, subject to external impact or sudden The exotherm will increase when the temperature changes.

3.Therefore, when we take an airplane, if the checked luggage is randomly placed, collides with each other, or the temperature difference between the cargo compartment and the passenger compartment is large, it is easy to cause the power bank containing lithium batteries to suddenly spontaneously ignite.

4.In daily life, many people put sharp objects such as power banks and keys together. If the power bank is punctured, it can also cause a fire.
5.Although lithium has a high risk factor, it is also a treasure that cannot be separated in flight. Metal lithium is one of the metals with very high energy when making rocket fuel.

6.Pilots will also carry lithium hydride as an emergency hydrogen source. When lithium hydride touches water, it will immediately dissolve and release a large amount of hydrogen, which can inflate life-saving equipment in a critical moment.

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