How big a power bank can be taken on the plane?
How big a power bank can be taken on the plane?
| 2020-7-24 19:23:21

The topic of bringing mobile power on the plane has been disturbing. There is no exact rule. Yesterday, the Civil Aviation Administration issued an announcement for the first time that civil aviation passengers carry "power bank" on planes. In the future, when taking planes, they can only carry a rated energy of 160Wh (watt-hour). Power banks within the range are prohibited to be carried if the value is not indicated; power banks are not allowed to be checked in. Nowadays, domestic power banks have been widely used, and for flight safety considerations, the Civil Aviation Administration has issued this related regulation.
In fact, “watt hour” is a unit of electric power. If you want to know whether the power bank you carry meets the requirements, you can check the battery voltage and capacity marked on the power bank according to the "Method for Judging the Rated Energy of Power Bank" published by the Civil Aviation Administration Come calculate it yourself.

At present, most of the common power banks on the market have a capacity of between 3000 and 15000 mA. Some power banks have a capacity of 20000 mA. Most power banks have a marked voltage between 3 and 5 volts. According to the formula of the rated energy value, a 20,000 mA power bank with a voltage of 5 volts has a rated energy value of 100 Wh, which just reaches the upper limit of the capacity that can be carried without the approval of the civil aviation company.

"With reference to the above standards, most of the power banks can be boarded." The staff of the security inspection department of the Capital Airport said, "However, power banks that do not indicate any value are not allowed to be carried. Such power banks will be temporarily kept at the airport. , Passengers can come to the airport to pick them up with the ticket.

A number of airport security officials told reporters that the airport has already begun to conduct security checks in accordance with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration.

How to judge whether the power bank can be brought on the phone

The rated energy Wh (watt hour) is directly marked on the power bank

1. Rated energy ≤100Wh does not require airline approval

2.100Wh<Rated energy≤160wh can only be carried after approved by the airline< p="">

3. The rated energy is not marked, and the rated energy cannot be calculated by other marked parameters. It is strictly prohibited to carry

4. Rated energy>160Wh is strictly prohibited to carry

The rated energy Wh is not directly marked on the power bank

1. If the power bank is marked with voltage (V) and capacity ampere hour (Ah), the value of the rated energy can be obtained by calculation: Wh=V×Ah

2. If only milliampere ("Ah) is marked on the power bank, divide the value by 1000 to get ampere hour (Ah).

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