Can I bring a power bank on the plane?
Can I bring a power bank on the plane?
| 2020-8-7 18:45:32

There are many people who are confused about whether the mobile power supply can be brought on the plane. This is also a problem that business people are more worried about. Here is a specific explanation:

1 When carrying the mobile power supply on the plane, the mobile power supply product must be wrapped with an insulating material to avoid contact with other conductive objects and electric shock and accidents. Mobile power control board. Mobile power board nesting. At this time, there are more problems. Can mobile power be carried on the plane?

2 For mobile power supplies, especially large-capacity mobile power supplies, many people will question this product: Can mobile power be carried on the plane? If not, what use is it for me to buy? So are there any requirements when carrying it?

3 First of all, I can tell everyone with certainty that high-quality mobile power can be taken on the plane, because the booster board of the mobile power will consume electricity at any time and generate current. If the current is large, it will not pass the security check. Separate the battery, it is absolutely acceptable.

4 For everyone's safety, you must act according to regulations. If you want to bring a large amount of mobile power, you have to check in. For individuals, you can only carry one or two mobile power products at a time, and you may not be allowed to carry them with three.

5 Don't throw or knock the power bank in a rough way. In addition, before using the purchased mobile power supply, it is best to read the product imitation order carefully. There are generally some precautions for use above.

6 Nowadays, many business people have purchased mobile power banks for their business trips. They are prepared for the lack of battery power during business trips. Most people choose to take a plane when they go out on business. On an airplane, I thought that just like a mobile phone, it cannot be turned on and used. In addition, it is not how you can bring it as you want. If possible, the mobile power product itself should not be overcharged, just to ensure the power required when traveling on business, so that it can pass the security check more smoothly.

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